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Outsourcing! Let us clear some Myths!

Myth: Software outsourcing is done only for cost saving

Reality: Though cost is important, main purpose of outsourcing is, you let the specialist do their job while you focus on your business. Every work has its own intricacies and complications. Why get into them , if you can find a partner who has Software as core expertise.

Myth: Cheaper hourly rate for same technology, same experience is better?

Reality: This is completely a wrong way of evaluation. You need to check productivity per dollar! You need to see parameters like reliability, quality, Loss of time and associated cost to these.

Myth: It is always good to have your own IT team!

Reality: Wrong! Particularly if you are not a software company, and definitely not, if you do not have a huge team with a CTO. Think of – How will you understand if the effort estimates are right? Do you want to handle headache of manpower management, attrition etc? Who will ensure quality? What about security?

Mechsoft, an Ideal Technology & Outsourcing Partner for Software Development and all IT needs.

Mechsoft Practices for Best Results

  • Most extensive selection process for recruitment with rounds of logical, technical and personality assessment followed by background check.
  • Highly experienced, technically strong and productive staff (average developer experience 5+ years).
  • Golden mean of processes and productivity for the best result in producing high quality software, on time, every time.
  • Trust, Integrity & Reliability: We will clearly tell a customer if we think a particular development is ‘not necessary’.
  • Stretching in the times of emergency: We have always been there to support our clients, in their emergencies – whether it is weekday or weekend, at times working round the clock, burning midnight oil!

Software Product Development Outsourcing

  • Mechsoft has developed products for organizations - large enterprises to startups, along with own products live in large successful organizations. Product Development is in our DNA
  • 40+ products developed so far. Use our products experience, to help in planning, phasing, competition analysis, strategy, technology architecture, and support.
  • Use our ready intelliblocks to make your development faster, that help you like APIs and microservices would help.

Checklist for Selecting Outsourcing Partner

  • Years of experience of the organization.
  • Is my outsourced job, critical/ highly important to my business?
  • Does it involve sharing information related to intellectual property? If so, you need a partner known for trust, integrity and reliability.
  • Look for a partner of a size where you can have direct communication with management.
  • The misleading figure of Dollars per hour – This is a trap! Yes, cost is important. But you need to finally check productivity per dollar! What do you do with low dollar rate, but if too many hours are spent? What about quality of work? What if there are too many iterations? What about the loss of time and opportunity cost?
  • Does the Tech Partner have something to offer that can add ready pieces to your requirements? Of course if the partner has multiple product pieces, and if they can speed up or add reliability to your development, this is a very vital point to be considered. (Mechsoft having developed 40+ products for various customers across the globe, from varied domains definitely stands out)
  • Are there long-term customers with the Tech Partner? (E.g. We have most customers continuing since 10+ years, with full trust, confidence, and reliance)
  • What is the difficulty level/ complexity of the work to be outsourced?
    • A: Routine work? Then of course any reliable company would do! Mechsoft can be considered, but there is no special value add. You may look at cost saving. Of course you need to look for reliability and integrity nevertheless.
    • B: Fairly complex work: You need to really vet the company you are handing your work! Do they have capability? Are there important members of the organization taking part in the knowledge process?
    • C: You are solving a major problem, and you think solution could be complex or technologically challenging? Yes! We don’t think you need to look any further! This is Mechsoft’s DNA! Please feel free to see the kind of challenges, Tech Adventures, Algorithms, Compilers, Parser, Engines, Innovative Solutions that Mechsoft has developed.

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