Culture @ Mechsoft

Culture @ Mechsoft

When you are in business of adventurous, challenging projects, the environment can’t be expected to be routine.

Our Culture Our Culture

At Mechsoft, you would not find a typical corporate environment. Company tries to create bonds, long term relations with employees, and is happy to convert employees to Owners/ Partners! We do not try to create slaves – but build pillars in the organization. This is evident by,

  • 25% employees 9+ years with the organization.
  • 50% employees 5+ years with the organization.

When we were wanting to acquire some small business and asked the senior members – how can they help – and they invested part of the amount!

Mechsoft is possibly the only company where we strive for the highest true returns for the team members. We do not strive to be the highest paying company but what we want is we have the happiest employees in the world.

Selection Process

Aligned with the Technology adventures that we take up (Read about our successful technology adventures, here) we can’t do a mass recruitment. Recruitment follows multiple stages of filtrations like, aptitude test, technical interview, real case analysis, round of puzzles to check problem solving capability and HR/Personality round. For the tech team, we look for people who find technology challenges interesting, and find our Tech adventure stories exciting.


Work Culture of Freedom, Friendship and Performance:

We have an open culture, with no layers of hierarchy. Anyone can come up with ideas, suggestions, objections and can talk to any level in the organization. Highest cooperation is encouraged between team members and across teams, and it is common to see people sharing their knowledge with anyone from any team. Of course, there are strict processes, and tough challenging projects, but beyond that – minimal formalities. There are ample events for people, families, and an opportunity for holistic growth.


Culture of Fun and Activities:

Best part of the work @ Mechsoft is, the job itself is fun for anyone who loves challenges. But you need breaks from routine, and we routinely have breaks! We have day outings, Overnight picnics, Team activities, Sessions in office and Celebrations. In all these activities, we look for people to participate and think of newer ideas, for fun and connecting with team. In all the activities management and employees – have equal participation. Overnight picnics involve a lot of fun, and then a heart to heart communication/ discussion – usually goes till past midnight!


Culture of Care

At Mechsoft we want the best for our people, career, health, life etc. We actually have health equipment in office, and have bonus for people who improve their health! We have health and life insurance. A counsellor is available to help people manage stress, and most importantly, we have our innovative social cause project CloseCircle, which is our own peer to peer support system, that covers risks for all our team members. Our CEO conducts Yoga and meditation course for team members. It will be interesting to note, that during Covid Lockdown when business was down and staff was tense – instead of reducing salaries, we declared bonus for all team to boost morale.


Culture of Adventure and Challenges:

The core idea of the company is to solve major problems with innovations. To match this philosophy, you will find puzzles lying around in our Library area, and even on work desks! Our bi-weekly sessions also are filled with discussions on problems in society, solving problems, and encouraging innovations. There are challenges, and there are rewards! Some of the picnics include Trekking/ Rock climbing or other adventures. Company is happy to let employee to own responsibility, and takes risk with some decisions not working out while learning.


Culture of Balance, and Overall Happiness:

At Mechsoft – we strive to have the happiest employees, and we know Happiness is not just bank balance! The connect is deeper than just the transactional relationship. We have get together for families, we have Toy Library for the team’s children and on designated days they can visit office exchange toys, have fun. Our regular team sessions in office are open forum for any discussion, advice etc. These include Entertainment, Social cause, Parenting, Sports, Financial planning etc. You can demand any book/ course and it will be procured! – whether related to Tech or not. We conduct a course on happiness and correct perspective of life for the team.


Culture of Ascent, Inclusion and Ownership:

The more you think this is your company, the more it becomes yours! Yes, we encourage people to become owners of the company. By owner, we mean actual decision makers, and not just a small stocks option. We believe, there have to be multiple pillars, for a large structure to be created. In fact, for the deserving resources, we conduct ownership workshops – to train them in becoming leaders/ owners. These people in training are part of the Core group. As a proof of the concept, we have one of the 2 directors/ partners in company have come from employment to ownership route! And we want more to join.