Eliminate Leaks Automate Workflows Simplify Supplier Fees

Supplier Fees Simplify,
Automate and Optimise

Supplier Fees Simplify, Automate
and Optimise

Ladders SFA: Supplier Fees Automate, Boost Revenue, and Eliminate Leakage with Ladders SFA

Eliminate leaks, automate workflows, and boost revenue with our comprehensive software solution.

Retailer of all sizes struggles with complex supplier fee calculations, error-prone workflows, and time-consuming manual processes. These inefficiencies lead to lost revenue, inaccurate charges, and strained supplier relationships.

Ladders SFA

Examples of Supported Fees:

  • Advertising/Promotion Fees: Manage fees for promotions, leaflets, and other marketing activities.
  • Store Fees: Automate charges for checkout spaces, gondola heads, and other in-store services.
  • Sales Data Sharing Fees: Handle fees associated with sharing sales data with suppliers.
  • Penalties: Apply penalties for non-compliance with purchase orders, advertising commitments, and more.
  • Direct Discounts: Calculate fees for supplier-initiated price drops.
  • Price Protection Fees

Additional Functionalities:

  • Fees Planner for recurring fee scheduling
  • Email approvals and real-time tracking
  • Customizable dashboards and notifications

Successfully implemented in large retail chain with stores in 25+ countries, handling multiple business rules, currencies and workflows. Running since last 6+ years.

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Case Study

Transforming Supplier Fee Management for the Largest Retailer in the Gulf Region

Client Introduction: Leading retail organization in the Gulf region with extensive operations across multiple countries.


The client faced a complex challenge in managing supplier fees. With thousands of suppliers and millions of products, their existing system struggled to handle:

  • Integration: Seamless integration with various internal systems like contract management, purchase management, and finance.
  • Customization: The need for configurable charging rules based on a multitude of factors, including country, supplier, product, and promotions.
  • Workflows: Dynamic workflows to accommodate multi-step approvals depending on the type of fee request.

Proposed Solution:

Ladders SFA was implemented to address these challenges with the following features:

  • Seamless Integration: Ladders SFA was successfully integrated with the client's existing application landscape, including supplier contract management, purchase management, and financial systems, ensuring smooth data exchange.
  • Configurable Charging Rules: The platform's rule-based charging module allowed for easy customization of fees based on various parameters, such as country, supplier, product, and promotions, catering to the client's diverse business needs.
  • Dynamic Workflows: The solution offered dynamic workflows that could be configured to accommodate multi-step approvals based on the type of fee request, streamlining the approval process and ensuring accountability.


The implementation of Ladders SFA resulted in significant improvements for the client, including:

  • Increased Revenue: The client witnessed a substantial rise in their revenue from supplier charges due to accurate calculations and timely collection.
  • Timely Collection: Automation of the process ensured timely collection of fees, improving cash flow and financial stability.
  • Enhanced Transparency: Both the client and suppliers benefitted from increased transparency in fee calculations and billing.
  • Automated Fee Distribution: Automatic distribution of credited fees to various stores eliminated manual tasks and saved valuable time and resources.
  • Reduced Manual Work: The automation of workflows significantly reduced manual work and associated manpower costs.

Key takeaways:

This case study demonstrates how Ladders SFA effectively addressed the complex supplier fee management challenges faced by the leading Gulf region retailer. The solution's ability to integrate with existing systems, offer customizable charging rules, and facilitate dynamic workflows resulted in significant improvements in revenue, efficiency, and transparency for the client.

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