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Software Rescue Operation Legacy Software

Software Rescue Operation

Software Rescue Operation - With intelligent integration Services

This is a new concept, so let us explain with analogies.

Scenario: A tall building is on fire, lift is not usable, staircase is blocked, communication lines are not working. You need to be rescued. Any competitive business involves firefighting. But if you have different software solutions – some accounting solution (ERP), another for project management (PMS), some CRM, and something custom made. These do not talk to each other seamlessly, you need to be rescued from bad software infrastructure! That too without junking all current assets.

We junk old furniture when we want new design. But when it is expensive gold jewellery? We would want to reuse as much as we can, use same gold and the gems. You don’t always need to junk the heavy investment of time, knowledge and money in your earlier enterprise software.

Ever felt that you are losing time or productivity because of Bad Software Infrastructure?

When you need to take intermediate steps, tasks take more time and deadlines look challenging Let our intellect blocks connect & correct your software infrastructure by modernizing legacy software.

Bad Software Infrastructure

Integrate multiple software solutions, like they were one single system!

Mechsoft Software Rescue Operation: What, When, Why and How

You need to be rescued if:

You have implemented multiple software solutions which are not working smoothly with each other.

You need to be rescued if:

You have to take multiple steps to make them work, there is no real integration of enterprise software.

You need to be rescued if:

You have invested a lot in legacy software, and now you find, you may need to dump it as it is 10% short of your needs of modernization. (Yes there can be a solution for modernizing your legacy enterprise software)

You need to be rescued if:

You have deadlines and due to the incompetent software system working at your end, it looks like an impossible task,You don’t have time to replace the legacy software systems, as your business cannot wait till that time.

You need to be rescued if:

You have invested a lot of time and money in large enterprise products (ERP, CRM, PMS, HRMS, Etc.) and realized that you are not satisfied and this is not fitting to your business needs.

Stuck with a heavyweight ready product – dependency on expensive consultants in that product – wish you had got this done your own way!

Why Mechsoft? Tools and Skills for Legacy Software Modernization & Integration

Software Tools: We have an intelligent Rule-based wrapper (Mechsoft Rule Engine) and workflow engine that can work on top of any enterprise application/ applications, without affecting existing systems and making it more intelligent. This tool can be used for swiftly integrating your pieces of information, pieces of systems.

Communication Management Tool: This is based on our product EICMS (Enterprise Information and Communication Management System) which will again facilitate smooth communication between applications and entities.

Software Commandos: We have a team of specially trained software engineers, who can work on various technologies and are capable of working round the clock under emergency.

Case Studies

Weaving our product Ladders HR, around a very old and large payroll system.
Large Payroll System

Scenario: A large retail chain – with operations in 25+ countries – each country having it’s own rules for compliance, leave, payroll structure etc. Years of efforts had gone into this legacy Payroll software system, which was working correctly. But the interface was old, and a lot of things had to be modernized. Redoing this whole exercise with all complexities could be a nightmare.

Solution: With our versatile workflow engine, document template engine, and various pieces and modules in Human Capital Management, we integrated, and custom fit our product Ladders HR and integrated with the legacy Payroll system. Gave the payroll a modern interface, and added a lot of automation, resulting in improving the efficiency of the HR processes.

Transformation of Telecom billing to Rule based billing!
Rule based billing

Scenario: A country’s leading Telecom operator, who had their own in house Billing application, written in C. The software had taken care of various parameters, and could create billing plans accordingly.

Problem: In telecom, everyone sells the same services, but you need to package them in different billing plans. One has to keep innovating in this area to create attractive plans. Sometimes the marketing team would come up with some plan ideas, that would not fit into the existing parametric software. This involved a cycle of custom development, testing, parallel run, and then release. This sometimes would lose many months, and the competition could just move faster!

There had to be a solution that would convert ideas to working solution in very short time. There had to be some kind of rule engine!

Options: There were options of junking the current software, and buying and implementing (much tougher than buying) it. Another was to go for readymade rule engine, but this option involved in rewriting the whole code using the Java libraries of this provider. All this looked really heavy.

Solution: A faster, cost effective solution, modern interface and Rule engine working on top of existing software!

We implemented our Rule Engine, creating a simple, custom Object Oriented Rules language that was specifically fit for Telecom admins.

This turned the existing application and database into an Object Oriented one, with the same code and same DB. Now the admins could create a plan hierarchy, inherit from a plan, write new rules In a simple language and launch the plan.

We created our own Compiler and Interpreter for the Rule Engine.

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