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Startup Tech Mentoring Software Development
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Startup Tech Mentoring

Startup Tech Mentoring : for Success

Got a brilliant idea? have an innovation?

Then work on it, and increase the chances of success by not spending major time and energies in managing the IT team, Tech decisions and corrections.

Strategy for Startup

Mechsoft with its vast experience of product development for startups can help in Technology selection, validating and refinement of ideas, and most importantly we will help you in planning your phases of success!

Quality development which is timely and affordable.

Partner with Mechsoft for Reliability, Trust, Experience.

What does Technology Mentoring involve?

Here are the success 'differentiators'.

  • Owning the technology responsibility - playing a role of CTO: This is like getting a high quality CTO that a start-up may not be able to afford full time - being replaced by a team of Tech experts from Mechsoft acting like a shared CTO.
  • Taking technology decisions - Selection of tech stack, Taking into account the current needs and future possibilities.
  • Correct phasing of the Software product development Planning the right MVP Development: Prototype as MVP is a myth!! Many startups make the mistake of considering partial prototype as MVP. MVP development needs to also be Impactful, for the investor to get conviction. We help in right phasing, planning impactful MVP development.
  • Crisis Management: How does a start-up scale in cases of crisis? If it is a tech crisis, Mechsoft team would burn midnight oil - will work like it is their own crisis, and get the work done.
  • Quality Management: Startups usually miss out on the quality aspect, in huddle to come up with product at minimal cost. This is a major pitfall. Mechsoft with team of manual and automation Software Product Testing experts, can take care of quality, with minimal resources.
  • Optimal expenses: Mechsoft has taken projects at discounted rates for Start-ups when they are in cash strapped stage. There are many instances when a start-up asks for a module to be developed, and Mechsoft has actually convinced the Startup, that it is not necessary now! We actually become a part of the business by sweat heart and soul.

Startup Stories


Startup in healthcare: Software for homeopathic practitioners, to handle millions of symptom combinations - to come to Similimum - right medicine right potency. This was handled by a leading software company in India when we took over, there were multiple challenges to be solved.

  • Multiple sources and formats of information, not suitable for typical databases.
  • We developed our own Lexical text search engine, database and indexing system No ready search engines available those days (1996).
  • Involved complex algorithm development.
  • Challenge from international products.

Another challenge was developing in record time. As always, our team worked round the clock, to meet the release date, and contributed to the success of the product.

Success: Today this is a leading software with largest homeopathy database in the world, and is sold successfully in more than 150 countries.


Completely new domain to us! This was an agricultural domain, that too heavily regulated, since it was about Marijuana growers and processors in the USA. It took just a couple of months for our team - to understand the domain - so well, that we could advice the startup team on the processes.

Here also we were second or perhaps the third development team, and we created working product till the start up onboarded some large customers.


Challenging algorithm development for a Singapore based Start up! This was a flexible math worksheet creation software/ app for school math, Vedic Math and abacus, where there was no dependency on manual creation of questions/ content. Just explain the pattern in our Question Designer, and the engine could create millions of questions on the pattern. Another interesting aspect was Localization. The names of people and objects in the questions would be automatically matching the country and culture.

Since inception mechsoft has been a trusted Software development outsourcing partner.


Challenge: Aiirify, a US-based company developing a cloud-based infrastructure management solution. Through guidance in technology, discussing scenario's our other start- ups has to plan and ongoing support, we assisted them to refine their product roadmap to create Minimum Interesting Product to secure funding and achieving sustainable growth.


  • Strategic Guidance:

    • Assisted in defining a roadmap for future features and enhancements.
  • Investor Preparedness:

    • Anticipated investor questions related to technology, scalability, and security.
  • Risk Mitigation:

    • Identified potential risks in the technology and business aspects and implemented mitigation strategies.
  • Technology Suggestions:

    • Offered timely technology suggestions to keep the product future-ready.
    • Advised on adopting emerging technologies to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Business Optimization:

    • Provided insights into optimizing business processes for efficiency and client satisfaction.
    • Suggested improvements in customer support and client onboarding.

Active Partnership:

Acted as active partners by participating in regular meetings and contributed to strategic decisions.

Collaborated on shaping the company's overall vision and goals.

  • Refined Business Model: Aiirify developed a clear and concise business model with a well-defined value proposition and target market.
  • Focused Product Roadmap: They prioritized high-impact features for their initial launch, ensuring a market-ready product with clear differentiation.
  • Successful Launch: A well-defined go-to-market strategy facilitated a successful product launch, gaining early traction and user adoption.
  • Motivated and Skilled Team.

Upcoming start up ventures from us (Mechsoft)

After spending decades on successful product creation, we are working on some new, innovative, disruptive concepts. Some things that could revolutionize, disrupt some major industries.


An innovative concept to disrupt the way insurance industry works. Something in the area of both Insurance and Social security, something that will drastically reduce the costs. Also a very compassionate project to help the mankind. Also this is an AI - proof product! AI Proof product, means a concept that would not go down due to advances in AI, something that involves human beings for sure.


This is a concept to have the most authentic, reliable, verified Job search/ Resume database. Aimed at creating a significant impact in the 250 billion dollar Job search market, and also the background verification business. Great boon for companies, saving huge efforts in trying to search right candidates. We will be using AI in this as a help, but basically this is an AI-Proof product concept!

Close Connects
Close Connects

Actually a connect management, relations management tool. Concept is based on the basic fact - that relations have to be nurtured, you need to stay connected for the warmth in relation to continue.

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