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LIMSXL: Revolutionize your pathology workflow

Welcome to LIMSXL, the All-in-One Pathology Management Software designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of laboratories and hospitals. With a rich feature set and over 12 years of successful implementation in more than 20 labs and hospitals.

Own Your Success: LIMSXL - The Customizable Pathology Lab Software for Perpetual Ownership


Unleash Flexibility and Control: Choose LIMSXL, the Standalone Pathology Management Software Tailored to Your Needs

For over two decades, Mechsoft has been a leading force in healthcare IT, dedicated to streamlining processes and enhancing patient care. Our early success stemmed from pioneering a Homeopathic Expert System, paving the way for our comprehensive Clinic and Patient Management software. Our expertise extends beyond the walls of medical facilities, as evidenced by our full-fledged Pathological Lab Management system, boasting seamless billing and instrument integration. Looking ahead, we're spearheading the development of an innovative AI-based remote consultation platform.

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