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A generic Clinic management solution for Clinics and small hospitals, The most flexible Case taking solution that fits any Specialization.

Major problem doctors find with readymade software solution, is that each specialization has to capture different parameters. There are some products that cater to a particular specialization (say cardiology or neurology), but every doctor would have his own way of handling the case record and history.

FlexiClinic has the most adaptable case form,that can be structured as per requirement by the Doctor, with onetime easy setup. So the fields to be captured, and the logical flow can match the requirements of the Doctor/ Clinic/ Nursing homes.

Ease of recording and retrieving the case:

With any kind of application, doctors need to type all the information in their forms, which is time taking, distracting exercise.

FlexiClinic gives an intuitive pictorial interface, where many of the symptoms/ history data points can be marked on a picture, with digital pen, or a ready symbol can be placed on the picture, making it easy, efficient and fast for recording information. Even for the follow-ups, one look at the pictorial overview gives an idea of the earlier case history.

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