Knowledge and Emotions Management

Knowledge and Emotions Management in Education

Knowledge and
Emotions Management
in Education

Knocean: Education process management

Knocean (Knowledge Ocean) Manages and enhances the complete Education Process, including Teaching, Learning, Educational Institute Management, Student's Progress and Emotions Mapping, resulting in a sure increase in the performance of students, and much better performance of Educational Institutions.

Why Knocean? When there are great number of products about school and education management?

Most education/ institute management products, act like an ERP for any industry, managing resources, material, finance etc. We thought this will be inadequate for Education process. In typical industrial materials management, we can easily tally goods delivered against good received. In case of education, the material traded is knowledge. Also the process of learning is not limited to bookish knowledge, but it involves molding of the minds. What we write on the young minds, shape their future course.

So the conclusion was: The most important part of Education management was managing knowledge and emotions.

What is unique about Knocean, is that it considers a child’s progress as a collaborative effort of Child, Parent and Teachers. Knocean gives a platform and makes all the players accountable for holistic growth of the child.

Knocean consists of 3 major streams of functionality, namely the Knowledge, Emotions and Material streams. Material stream is the fees collection and other common things, which is common stuff. But the Knocean platform gives modules and tools for communication between all responsible parties, and attempts to learn from the patterns from these communications.

Knocean does not wait for school results, or abnormal behaviour to tell you something is wrong in learning or in emotional makeup of a child. It is a continuous monitoring process that would catch early disturbances or issues, and help corrections well in advance.

Knocean gives intuitive dashboards to Teachers, Parents and for the students, where they can manage their time tables, exams, assignments, interact with others for solutions, knowledge library, online test/ evaluation etc. In Knocean a child can’t be branded as poor in math (or some subject), but there will have to be reason given and corrective measures noted. It is a tool to understand personality and strengths of the child, so the education process can be adjusted accordingly.

The K-perform platform, for performance evaluation takes care of various parameters, and measures and improves performances of Students, Teachers and Parents in the process of educating a child.

Knocean is a true and complete management of the Learning process, particularly in the early learning stages, and would ensure much better performance/ results of the school, while helping the cause of overall growth of a child.

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