Product Development


Mechsoft has done many projects successfully for clients from various parts of world. A big chunk of this work has been Product Development, and Mechsoft can say that we have experience and expertise in Product Development. For many of these products, we have been involved from Product Planning to Marketing Strategy and we know what it takes to make a successful product. After building successful products for clients, Mechsoft has built their own products, which along with business promotion services, makes Mechsoft, the most ideal partner for Product Development.

Product Development Factory

Developed 40+ Products Successfully
  • Creating Products for ourselves and various clients globally.
  • Versatile Domains: Tech innovations/ tools, Healthcare, Education, Finance, Retail, HR, Miscellaneous.
  • Product Success: Some products developed by us are sold across the globe.
We understand Products Business – Not just development
  • Need for staying ahead through innovation.
  • Adding serious value in technology, UI/UX and functionality.
  • Creating differentiators, by solving serious problems.
Ready Intellect blocks that boost products & speed development

Product Development – Variety

40+ unique developments over last 25 years
  • Enterprise Products – Human Capital/ Budget Management/ Service Management/ Payroll
  • Healthcare – Clinic Management/ Medical Records Online/ Expert Systems/ AI Bots
  • Retail – HCM/ Supplier Fees Automation/ IT Budgeting
  • Education – Emotional AI/ Math and Vedic Math Practice Platform/ Online Test/ School Management
  • E-Commerce – Jewelry Business Online/ Food Delivery Platform/ Education
  • Communication – Corporate Communication/ Project & Tasks Management
  • Real Estate – Deal Management/ Society Management/ Property Listing and Search
  • Travel Technology – Booking Engines/ B2C/ B2B
  • Virtualization of Experiences – Virtual Office/ Virtual Designer/ Virtual Mall
  • Gaming – Online Casino/ Puzzle Games
  • Agriculture – ERP for Marijuana Growers in the US
  • CAD – Mapping Software
  • Electronic Data Discovery
  • Technology Engines for enhancing other Products.
  • B2B Supply Chain Platform
  • Sales Campaign Management
  • Telecom - Billing / Customer App