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It takes a lot of courage to go for Product development ! There are many risks, changes – changes in competition, changes in market situation, changes in available technology and so on. You need to cope with all these, and still come out with a viable interesting product.

In our software product development service we take care of following.

  • Feasibility
  • Future Readiness
  • Quality Assurance- Rigorous testing
  • Scaling
  • Innovations/ Out of the box thoughts

Feasibility An honest feasibility check is the most important step in product development. This involves

  • What problem is my product solving?
  • What is the level of need in the market? Is this verified?
  • What is the target audience?
  • Likelihood of AI or new technology disrupting what you are doing.
  • Competition analysis.
  • Cost of genuine offering – and market’s readiness for that kind of cost.

Future Readiness

  • Anticipation: of future requirements, of changes that may happen in the business (any domain of business that may have possible changes in future).
  • Architecture and design to absorb the changes.
  • Alternative plans of business/ marketing/ Plan B, in case of surprises. (Our team will help in crafting the advancement and contingency plans).


  • We prepare your product for scaling, tackling technical and market challenges. Our expertise ensures scalable architecture and strategies for market expansion, allowing your product to handle growing user bases and changing market dynamics seamlessly.

Innovations/ Out of the box thinking

  • Futuristic ideas: We have a history of building on futuristic ideas, and were before the time. We believe each software product development should have these, so that catching up with changes becomes easier.
  • When a product succeeds, there will be many ‘me too’ players. There can be companies with giant financial capacity, who can invest and break the market by working in loss for some time. You need to always stay ahead of the game. And this is possible only if you can come up with some original, innovative concepts frequently, so catching up is not easy.

A team that is geared up and capable of Software Product development

  • We see companies with hundreds of thousands of resources – who do typical outsourced work. These are not suitable for developing products.
  • The team has handled challenges like Creating a Rule Engine with own scripting language, own compiler and interpreter. They have successfully developed search engine, Adapted to new technologies in record time and delivered. The agile team uses agile methodology! We call them software commandos, as they can respond to extraordinary situations, and coping with tough deadlines.

Quality Assurance- Rigorous testing

Quality is paramount when you launch a product. Our QA team takes care of

  • Thorough testing across multiple platforms
  • Stress testing
  • Vulnerability and Security testing (VAPT)
  • Automation testing, to quickly run through checks on every change/ update.

Right UI/UX

  • Most beautiful interface is not necessarily the most user friendly interface. (Look at simple search box of Google) You need deeper understanding of the likely users of the product and designing the flow and interface that would make the users’ life easier.
  • With all these, the interface still has to be as pleasant as possible.
  • Inclusive design to cover maximum audience.
  • Be able to read user's behaviour and adapt real time, for the optimal user friendliness.
  • Our New technology and research team keeps studying newer products and newer trends in UI/ UX. Of course there are times we come up with unique concepts of our own!

Right phasing of the product

  • With our vast experience in developing products for startups as well as large corporate, we understand how to plan the product phases. We understand that MVP may not be good enough, and that something new, interesting and extraordinary should come in the first phase itself.
  • Phasing includes smart planning, to get the first phase out faster, but still with some glimpse of the extraordinary.

Client Collaboration and Communication

  • We understand that without a clear collaboration with client, success would be difficult.
  • We engage the client at all stages, right from planning to UAT and deployment. We create a system of communication protocol, with stakeholders in the product, and explain the importance of participation to the client.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

  • After development and deployment, regular updates, support, bug fixes and improvements are very vital.
  • For this you need a team that has worked on the product and understands the domain/ business thoroughly.
  • Since our team members work with us for long term, the product gets advantage of the experience and knowledge. We also create shadow resources (people who are parallelly engaged with the product as a back up plan).

Product Journeys

From Customer to Delighted Partner: A 13+ Year Journey of Growth and Success
Customized CRM

Client: Privatefleet, Automobile (

Challenge: Frustrated with a rigid and expensive off-the-shelf CRM, our client struggled with limited customization options, exorbitant fees for minor changes, and lengthy development queues. This hindered their ability to adapt the software to their unique business needs, impacting overall efficiency and growth. They were not able to come up with new business ideas and process optimization due to limitation of CRM.

Solution: We met client on one of the bidding platform and started working on the real estate project with google map integration. We performed very well and hence client approached us for next projects related his Automobile Business. Since then we established a partnership with the client. We were novice to this domain and working first time but very quickly we understood domain, client business and pain points in the business. By leveraging our problem-solving approach, we designed and developed a fully customized CRM solution from the ground up, utilizing the latest technologies.

The Partnership: Our approach went beyond simply delivering software. We became true partners, invested in their success. We provided ongoing support and enhancements, ensuring their CRM solution remained relevant and scalable as their business grew. We even took on responsibility for their entire IT infrastructure, offering comprehensive support aligned with their specific time zone needs.

Hompath - our first product development: 1996

Client: Hompath (

Homeopathy is structured differently - and the medications depend on vast number of parameters like - patient preferences/ personality/ time and many more, generating millions of combinations as symptoms.

These all can't be remembered and a help of system is a must.

In 1996 - for the state of hardware/ software - building critical algorithms for SIMILIMUM, selecting right medication was a tough task. Mechsoft team worked relentlessly, round the clock to achieve a challenge of releasing product for the launch date.

To achieve faster results - standard databases were not the best solution. Mechsoft developed a lexical search engine with own indexing system to go through thousands of books, and get lightning fast results!

This versatile search engine was developed when readymade engines were not available.

Mechsoft participated in Designing, Marketing strategy and technology development. Hompath is one of the leading products in Homeopathy today and is sold in 150+ countries Even today - Mechsoft is a guiding the product to stay in lead, and for AI adaptation

A complete Event Management Solution
A complete Event management solution

A grand event to be successful, needs to manage multiple sub events, large number of guests, Budgeting, Guest relations management, Invitations and RSVP, Seating arrangement, etc. Project/ task management etc. The product was planned to seamlessly divide the tasks, and manage communication between all stake holders. (Event sponsors, managers, caterers, decorators and many other players)

This was used for a wedding consisting of 7 events spread over 10 days and 1400 guests, successfully!


Client: MakeMyMeal (

Scenario : Wrong technology start.

Solution : After a bad experience with one software development house, Client first wanted to salvage the old code, We had to redevelop from scratch for making a correctly working quality product in cost effective manner, and they got fist round of funding. Our contribution include...

  • Correct technology stack selection
  • Easy cost structure, to help the cash strapped startup.
  • Understanding that the business was not to do with food, as it came from restaurants, but it was a Technology business Focus was changed.
  • Providing innovative ideas so that the business remains sustainable, and future proof.

Client: Aiirify (

Challenge: Aiirify, a startup based in the USA, aimed to revolutionize IT infrastructure management through a cloud-based SAAS product. The goal was to automate support tasks, traditionally handled by local IT teams, using an AI-based chatbot, scripts, and a ticket management system. The initial requirement involved creating a desktop application that would execute commands from an AI chatbot to troubleshoot hardware and networking issues.


  • MVP Definition:

    • Identified key functionalities for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that showcased the core features to clients and investors.
    • Focused on delivering highly expected output from end users like hardware troubleshooting, user management, and installation support.
  • MIP Phasing:

    • Divided the full scope into manageable Minimum Interesting Products (MIPs).
    • Phased out development to prioritize essential features and functionalities.
  • Agile Methodology:

    • Utilized agile methodology to create a sprint plan.
    • Adapted to changing requirements and ensured continuous client feedback.
  • Dynamic Scripting:

    • Implemented a dynamic system for executing PowerShell scripts, considering security profiles and permissions.
    • Enabled seamless addition of new scripts without modifying the code.
  • Complex Workflow:

    • Successfully integrated complex workflows, such as user creation requiring manager approval, into the system.
  • Encryption and Security:

    • Ensured security through script encryption and hash checks before execution.
    • Managed versioning for scripts and application components for efficient updates.
  • Scalability:

    • Developed a scalable system capable of managing diverse scenarios, user requests, and multiple installations.
  • Server Version and Ticket Management:

    • Progressed to develop the server version managing script updates and deletions.
    • Completed the ticket management system for client companies and support engineers.


  • Exceeding Expectations: We delivered a cloud-based SaaS product exceeding Aiirify's initial expectations in terms of scalability, security, and feature richness.
  • Reduced Manual Intervention: AI-powered automation significantly reduced manual intervention in IT support tasks, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Seamless integration with existing workflows enhanced user experience and facilitated smooth adoption within Aiirify's organization.
  • Successful Launch and Support: We provided ongoing support during launch and deployment, ensuring a smooth transition and user satisfaction.

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