Software Rescue Operation


Ever felt you are losing time or productivity because of Bad Software Infrastructure? Let our intellect blocks connect your software infrastructure.

Unique Service offering: Integrate multiple software solutions

When you need to take intermediate steps, tasks take more time and deadlines look challenging

Mechsoft Software Rescue Operation.

You need to be rescued if:

  • You have implemented multiple software solutions which are not working smoothly with each other or you have to take multiple steps to make them work
  • You have invested a lot in software, and now you find you may need to dump it as it is 10% short of your needs
  • You have deadlines and due to the incompetent software system working at your end, it looks like an impossible task
  • You don’t have time to replace the legacy software systems, as your business cannot wait till that time

Tools and skills for Software Rescue Operation

  • Software Tools: We have an intelligent Rule-based wrapper (Mechsoft Rule Engine) that can work on top of any enterprise application/ applications, without affecting existing systems and making it more intelligent. This tool can be used for swiftly integrating your pieces of information, pieces of systems.
  • Communication Management Tool: This is based on our product EICMS (Enterprise Information and Communication Management System) which will again facilitate smooth communication between applications and entities.
  • Software Commandos: We have a team of specially trained software engineers, who can work on various technologies and are capable of working round the clock under emergency.