Trust, Integrity and Reliability

Trust, Integrity and Reliability

Decades of Relations with Customers and Employees

|| Trust, Integrity and Reliability || - Irrespective of the outcome - we will never compromise on these.

I approached to Mechsoft with a very large project. After 4 meetings these people told me to not do the project as it is likely to fail. In my business experience of 45 years, I have not seen this.

I had a startup, with limited funds - and was in deep cashflow problem. Sold my house to sustain the business. The kind of support I got from Parag and Mechsoft - Apart from software development - people thought from my side, fought with me when they thought I was going wrong, and gave me deep support, discounts, delayed payments and also guided in other aspects of business.

I know Parag and his company since 27 years, and trust him 100%. Trust with all my intellectual property (I kept all my backups at his place) and with capability. Talent no doubt, but it is this Extraordinary commitment that I found when the team worked 5 days and nights without sleeping to meet the deadline, is what separates them from any other business.

Here are some Key factors in building Trust, Integrity & Reliability

Building culture in the organization.

  • Selection of employees – Apart from IQ test, round of puzzles, technical interview, we have a personality evaluation round as well, and we try to get team with like minded people.
  • Building team of leaders - Core members, partners in the organization: We keep investing in good resources and encourage them to become co-owners in the organization. The skills and values are imparted by ongoing training, and frequent ‘Ownership & thinking like owner’ workshops.

    This is based on one of the core principles : The more you think this is your company – the more it becomes yours!

Everlasting client relationships.

  • 25 years of great trust relations with clients - Many times resulting in the client making us a partner.
  • Imparting true value to customer being the utmost priority – Revenue is just a byproduct.

Commitment and reliability.

  • Stretching to the extreme, to match Client timelines.
  • Working to match different time zones.
  • Understanding emergencies, shouldering responsibility– and responding accordingly.

Trust relations with staff.

  • Minimal attrition rate in the industry.
  • Many members with the organization since 8+ years.
  • Many of the senior members, are stakeholders in the company.

Social Cause Projects.

We at Mechsoft believe, we owe to the society, and are passionate for social cause projects. We take care that the team inherits the same values.

  • We are constantly reinforcing the values with our actions. Actions like doing some 'selfless projects' to help society or humanity in general. These projects, and getting the team to participate in these builds an atmosphere and culture that is full of Cooperation, Humanity and Compassion.
  • Close Circle: A pure humanity based project – with ambition to have positive change in the society and also a natural way of taking care of social security.
  • Solace2Self: A course conducted by our founder, for teaching Yoga, Meditation and Happiness. Again a completely non-commercial activity, funded by the company and the founder. (Website : and YouTube channel : @Solace2Self )
  • Innovative ideas to handle pitfalls in economy and to handle Hunger and Poverty (Upcoming project)

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