Trust, Integrity and Reliability

Innovations for Social Cause

Using Tech Intel for Positive Changes

An organization is created with a clear goal, a reason.

Of course profit is a goal, but not necessarily the final or only goal.

At Mechsoft we had a very clear view, that Information Technology needs to contribute businesses and Society as a whole. Needs to add integrity, betterment for all aspects of life. If you take a deeper look into Mechsoft’s novel ideas and some products, along with the business side of the idea, there will be a value proposition for adding something significant to the society.

Participation and building culture:

It is impossible to get every person in company to have the same values and interests. To build a culture of similar ideas of charitable and noble thoughts, we discuss our social projects in our monthly group discussion.

In case of a calamity like flood, earthquake in some part where we can reach with our small contribution, we discuss the problem with team, take their thoughts on what we can do, and the management leads with action, by making major contributions, and appealing people to do whatever participation they wish to the cause.

Innovations to help humanity:

We have seen how social media can fire up strong feelings, negative thoughts in people. There have been games that made people do crazy things - even violence. This led to a thought that, the same use of technology, social media - with some innovative ideas, can help society in more cohesive, thinking, and can actually have positive impact on people’s minds.

We have thought of some path breaking, disruptive concepts, that have huge potential as an initiative and also useful in having a positive social impact. Here are some of the projects/ initiatives we have in progress.

CloseCircle: This is a people - crowd based, human supported Social security and natural insurance! This is something that may compel people to be nicer to each other! We expect to give value to people with this project, without ever charging them! The industries that are likely to be disrupted are Insurance and Social media! We believe this has potential to have a massive reach and impact on the society.

Education: With modernization and progress in civilization, more and more people are getting educated. Living standards are improving, but crime and hate seems to be on the rise. We are attempting a different model for managing minds, grooming and nurturing young minds by integrating morals with knowledge, to try and create a better society.

Apart from the above projects that we have started, there are some more projects in pipeline, to deal with hunger, or to force accountability in governance etc. Our founder Parag Shah, has been teaching Yoga and Meditation to ‘anyone interested’ since 25 years. He proposed that we take this mission to a wider platform, so more and more people can get benefit of health, peace and happiness, and the Mechsoft team happily agreed to participate.

Solace2Self, right now conducts these classes online (video conference), and these are guaranteed to be free for lifetime, no strings attached.

One key part of the course is, correcting perspective about oneself and life, making many of the problems, stress look simpler. This is a consultative process. We are planning to use AI so that this knowledgebase with interactivity can be replicated, and useful for masses. Solace2self will also has a YouTube video channel, and is planning to have wide range of videos on Health, Mental peace, True happiness, Logical exploration of spirituality, reversing of chronic diseases etc.

Anyone genuinely interested in participating/ partnering/ supporting us in these projects - please feel free to contact.

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