Social Cause


What is the use of Technology and Intelligence if it cannot be used to help humanity?

Till date social movements have happened with masses participating. Can innovation and technology really do this? We think yes! We are working on some path breaking Social Cause projects that could solve some major problems in Society Feel free to talk to us to know how we are planning to bring change, and solve some of the serious problems through tech innovations!


People based, Human supported Social Security and natural insurance… Something that may force people to be nicer to each other


More people are getting educated, standards improving… but the crime and hate seems to be on the rise. We are attempting a different model to..

Managing minds, grooming and nurturing: Integrating knowledge and Morals:

An education management tool that works on both knowledge and emotions management

No Starvation:

Aimed at eradicating starvation, the biggest killer in the world.
We are planning this by creating a social network concept that would compel a more balanced, a fairer distribution in society.