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Sample Puzzles (In case you want to test yourself, before visit).

Note : Actual puzzles may differ in difficulty and nature.


  • There is a man, who owns a tiger, a goat and a bag of grass. (3 objects + man total 4). He has to cross a river, and there is a boat. But the boat can take max 2 objects at a time. (Only man can drive the boat, not tiger, goat or the grass!). Problem is, if the man is not around, the tiger would eat goat, and goat would eat grass. So man has to arrange his trips in such a way that he safely crosses all these across the river. How?
  • A guy smokes cigarettes (we know smoking is injurious to health! This is only for puzzle) He being a wise guy, when he smokes 8 cigarettes he joins the butts (remaining parts) of cigarettes, and makes one more, to smoke. He had 64 cigarettes. How many will he be able to smoke?


This puzzle has multiple solutions!! If you can find…

  • 1 Solution- Just OK
  • 2-3 solutions- Good. That is the minimum expected from anyone coming…
  • More than 3 solutions- Very good
  • More than 10 solutions!- Excellent

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