Tech Success Stories


Here are some samples of how Mechsoft gives smart solutions/ unique ideas to solve problems, to generate business, to save costs and many more.


Virtualization of tailoring experience: we created an interactive virtual designer to see your dress being created in real time, as per your preferences. Also check out our story about Virtual Office, Virtual Mall and Virtual Inauguration.

Web crawling to improve tax collection!

The Challenge: An island nation, with tourism economy: Foreigners buy beach villas as second homes. Problem was – many of these Villa owners were renting them as weekend gateways, seriously impacting commercial tax revenues. How to find the defaulters? That too without raiding all villas, since we don’t want to impact tourism!

The Solution: We created a web crawler to crawl through hundreds of classified ad/ property listing websites, to identify personal properties being used for commercial purpose – increasing tax revenue.

Telecom Billing- Rule Engine

Custom Language for Telecom Plan definition. Define Plans in real time, fast marketing idea to billing plan conversion. Own compiler and interpreter, reduced data footprint. Make sweeping changes to multiple plans with simple rules.

Dynamic Scenario in Telecom Plans can't roll out new marketing plans without…

  • The billing software being ready. Rule Engine with custom Plan Definition Language
  • Own compiler and Interpreter for Custom Script
  • Converted existing application to OOP.

No need to replace existing software investments

  • Create plans in real time
  • Inherit from the right hierarchy of plans
  • Deploy real time

Reduced data footprint and improved performance!

Carpet Exports- Distribution

Created a business case with retail partner-based online cum offline Carpet marketplace, with full supply chain management – with zero carpets stocks, and still giving realistic feel of the carpets!

Contribution: Business idea with Tech implementation / UI for Carpet customization and coloring.

Our solution: Solution was to do online business but without cutting out retailers. They sell dealerships make partners with people across the globe. These shops basically buy an album of carpet swatches (Small rectangular pieces) which people can check. We sell the carpets online. So say someone in Boston checks the carpet online, likes the design, changes the colour to suit their needs, and after finalizing – visits nearest partner shop where they check the feel/ actual colors, again customizing it right there as per their liking and place the order! The production starts. There are many from different cities in the USA placing such orders. Once the production reaches a basic threshold, the whole lot is shipped to a distributor, who then takes care of posting individual carpets to buyers from one place.

Hompath - Homeopathic Expert System

Created our own Search Engine (in 1996), own Database, and Indexing System, that would search through gigabytes of data in fraction of seconds. Lexical search engine, with AND, OR, Same chapter etc. with intelligence of context understanding.

Challenge: Those were the days when Google kind of engines were not readily available. There was free form information across thousands of books of Homeopathy, getting symptoms searched through them all, and coming up with right medication.

We created our own Search Engine, own Database, Indexing System, that would search through gigabytes of data in fraction of seconds. Was it a simple search engine? This was a lexical search engine, with AND, OR, Same chapter etc. Also it had intelligent understanding of the words. For example it would understand-searching for Pain in morning to match text headache at dawn time! This product was developed end-to-end by our team.

The success:

  • Leading to right medication through symptoms
  • Among leading homeopathy software, since 25 years
  • Currently sold in 130 countries


Online Food Delivery Platform is an online food delivery platform – with a difference. Here it is not just aggregating the restaurants and trying to be a go between providers and customers, but actually solving a problem, by selling commitments – by giving great deals on monthly subscriptions.

Platform is not just a Restaurant connector, but has a way of collecting and processing information/ behavior, to understand the needs of customers, and accordingly can design the packages from own factory, or can guide Restaurants to correct their offerings.

Currently operating in various cities in UAE, and constantly innovating with offerings that would keep it ahead of routine delivery platforms!

Software Music Synthesizer

For some European music schools, we created a complete Software Music Synthesizer that could handle both MIDI and Audio integration. Synthesizer with 16 MIDI channels (any instruments supported by MIDI like Piano, Guitar, Violin, Flute etc) and 1 audio (.wav) channel. You could record using Piano, edit, select parts of music and convert that in to any of the 256 instruments.

School could create music assignments, and students could do editing/ mixing on the software studio!


An online Math worksheet solving platform: We created this platform on the online test framework. This allows school Math, Vedic Math, and other speed systems of Math, with millions of questions – generated by an algorithm in real time, that takes care of nationality, language, culture and the type of problem. Since the questions – whether pure text or graphical, are generated on the fly, there is actually no limit to the number of questions that can be generated!

FlexiClinic – Clinic Management Software

Suitable for clinics, nursing homes, and small hospitals. This solution is based on one of the intelilblocks by Mechsoft – where based on the practice style, based on the specialization, the forms, and case taking is flexibly generated., Every practitioner can set his flow of case taking, and decisions making structures!

With intuitive interface, reducing the time taken by the doctors, to enter the case, with picture and tabled interface, would actually end up in saving great deal of time for the Medical practitioners!