Legal Wize


A Unique Matter Management Enterprise Solution

Legal Firms have specific and general needs that vary by departments that are always evolving. Each department shares some feature with other, but also has its own distinct needs. For legal firms, this can make investing in a generic matter management software a challenge. Legal Wize offers Case Matter Management with a difference, which we term as an Enterprise Solution. This means that it can be customized to serve the needs of every unique department within legal firm.

Legal Wize is easy to implement and can be quickly tailored to suit the specific requirements of your organization.

Time-Sheet Entries

  • Time-sheet entries by attorneys engaged with the Firm.
  • Identification of billable and non-billable hours spent by each attorney on a transaction or otherwise.
  • Ease of entering timesheets using mobile application (in the process).
  • Weekly alerts to each attorney to enter the timesheets.
  • Automatic email to the Reporting Partner on weekly basis in case of non-adherence to fill the timesheets by the respective team attorneys.

Recording of Project Description

  • Recording of client mandate in the system which, amongst others, will include:
  • Details of the client
  • Description of the matter (whether litigation or corporate transaction)
  • Description of fees (whether fixed or hourly or blended)
  • Option to decide hourly fees of attorneys by the reporting partner
  • Details of referral, and details of attorneys engaged in transaction (this will link the transaction with the respective attorneys timesheet entry system).
  • Option to delegate the recording of description of client mandate to a secretary or any associate of the team

Project Documents and Knowledge Management

  • Project specific documents can be stored and accessed by the team members.
  • Knowledge bank management comprising all transaction documents and know-how of each practice area.

Project Management

  • Option to link the project with milestone completion and payments.
  • The milestone-based information, amongst others, will include the amount of time spent by each attorney and billing vs cost analysis of each attorney.
  • In case of appointment of external counsel on a particular transaction, the matter number for appointment of such counsel will be generated, which amongst others, will include alerts for payments to be made to such counsel


  • Generation of provisional bill based on milestone payments and/or the basis of number of hours recorded by each attorney.
  • Based on approval of the reporting partner, the final bill and invoice can be generated.
  • Automatic generation of invoice with in-built configurations encrypted with digital signature of partners (without the need of printing and scanning of the invoice to be billed to the client).
  • Option to alter the final bill amount in case of any discount to a client with an alert of such discount to the managing partner (or secretary).
  • Tracking of pending bills.


  • Weekly alerts to each attorney to enter the timesheets.
  • Automatic email to the Reporting Partner on weekly basis in case of non-adherence to fill the timesheets by the respective team attorneys.
  • Alert for milestone-wise and transaction-wise analysis of number of hours recorded and actual amount billed to the client.
  • Alert to managing/ reporting partner for unbilled hours exceeding predetermined benchmark.
  • Alert for payments to concerned team members.
  • Alert for conflict check.
  • Alert for new matter generation and closing of matter.

Marketing and Deal Closure Reports

  • On consummation of transaction – generation of deal closure report.
  • Alert to reporting partner and HR team about deal closure.

MIS Reports

  • Attorney Performance Report.
  • Project Status Report.
  • Project Timesheet Summary Report.
  • Client Revenue Report.
  • Team Performance Report.
  • Practice Area Performance Report.
  • Payment Status Report.
  • Additional Reports based on Firms Requirement.

Integration with Accounting

Data from Legal Wize can be integrated with any accounting software of the firm for accounts.