Complete Education Process Management System


Knocean (Knowledge Ocean) Manages and Enhances the complete Education Process, including Teaching, Learning, Educational Institute Management, Student's Progress and Emotions Mapping, resulting in a sure increase in the performance of students, and much better performance of Educational Institutions.

Knocean consists of 3 major streams of functionality, namely the Knowledge, Emotions and Material streams.

Educational Institute Management System

A complete solution for Management, Communication and Performance Tracking in education institutes like schools, colleges and universities. This solution integrates the Physical, Intellectual and Emotional aspects of the Education process. These modules are basically divided into following 3 streams:

ERP Stream - Physical Aspects

These are the modules to manage the physical/ financial assets and processes of the institute. Following modules come under this aspect. These modules are tightly integrated for a seamless management of the aspects of the institute.

Knowledge Management - Intellectual Aspects

Educational industry differs with any other business in the sense, that the most vital commodity traded is Knowledge! You have a good ERP but knowledge and the flow of knowledge (knowledge transactions) not managed well, will surely not be enough to get optimal running of the educational entity.

Performance Tools - Emotional Aspects

Student’s performance depends upon many things like, their personal capacity to learn, teacher’s ability to teach, availability of resources, the environment or surroundings and many more things. Student going to school/ college is only a part of the student’s education and evolution process. To manage these aspects, we have formulated a process that tightly integrates and forces participation from all the players involved in student’s growth. These tools are guaranteed to enhance the performance of the institute as the whole.