Knocean - Education Process Management
Knocean (Knowledge Ocean) Manages and Enhances the complete Education Process, including Teaching, Learning, Educational Institute Management, Student's Progress and Emotions mapping, resulting in a sure increase in the performance of Students, resulting in much better performance of Educational Institutions.
Knocean consists of 3 Major streams of functionality, Namely the Knowledge, Emotions and Material streams.
Educational Institute Management System
A complete solution for Management, communication and performance tracking in education institutes like Schools, colleges and universities. This Solution integrates the Physical, Intellectual and emotional aspects of the Education process. These modules are basically divided into following 3 streams.
Material Stream
  • Registration & Admission
  • Library Management
  • Examination Management
  • Timetable Module

Knowledge Stream
  • Knowledge Management including Course Material, Class notes, Assignments.
  • and general interest
  • E-Library

Performance Assurance Stream
  • Performance Rating
  • KNOCEAN Performance tools! k-perform
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