EICMS(An Enterprise Information and Communication Management System)

This is online business/company management software. This software virtualizes your business from different locations, branches and departments into one with more flexibility coming from Rule Engine. Register Company for Demo

Key Features -
  • Organization information
  • Project Management
  • Issue tracking
  • Document Vault
  • Discussion and communication manager
  • Scheduling
  • Rule engine to set rules on flow of information, and controlling

This project enables user to create the maps. Using this application you can create new maps, edit the existing ones, can print them etc. This application has different features for creating/editing maps. You can place different objects in the map like Temple, Tree, Buildings, well etc.

You also can add the survey numbers to the map. There are different lines to add like Survey line, base line, road line etc. You also can add Map Information, Map Properties, and Map Legends to the map. You can set the scale of the map; there are different measurement units to be used. You can set map properties and can view different reports also.

Following are some snapshots of the application:

Mapper Application Open Map New Map
Music Synthesizer

Aim - This is one of the products of the Mechsoft developed with the aim to help the music institutions and students. This was developed for some organization in Northern Europe.

What is does ? - The project enables users to create the music files. Mainly it has the feature of downloading the assignments, which are assigned by the music teacher for the student, and uploading it back through the application after finishing. This project has lot of features like, setting the tempo of track, playing music with different channels and different instruments are also supported. User can play a music track with different instruments. They can create music by adding nodes to different channels with different instruments.

Download the demo of this project here.
Virtual Designer

Virtual designer is a complete tailoring website, with lot of information on tailoring, fashion and designer wear, also explaining how custom tailoring would do justice to your personality.

Virtual designer is a complete custom tailoring experience for the site visitors, which includes selection of catalog/ fabric, designing your product with real-time view of desired design (based on selected fabric), taking measurements, and payment, ordering and order tracking.

To view the online demo of Virtual Designer, Click Here


Following are demos of some games which Mechsoft has developed using different technologies. This shows existence and creativity of Mechsoft in Gaming Zone!!! This shows Mechsoft's domain expertise as well as strength to develop different Games with any technology.

Alice - Flash Game

This game is simple flash game! You can find out what is special about this game by clicking over this Link, Click here



Casino Games

This game developed in 'C++'. Special thing about this game is chances of wining directly proposed to decision of player. To play this game Click here. Click here to Download full version of Casino Games.